My favorite number
My favorite number

Some people have favorite numbers: Mine is 157.

That is what I hope to weigh one day. Yes, it’s not super-thin, but I’m tall and of German descent, so I can handle it.

And here’s a 1 -5-7 scripture memory verse:

Casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.

— 1 Peter 5:7

So let’s consult Mr. Strong (Strong’s Concordance**) and see what he digs up for us.

Casting (G1977)  = Literally to “throw upon”

all (G3956) = all, EVERYTHING

your  (G5216) = concerning YOU

cares (G3308) = anything that distracts !!!

upon (G1909) = superimposition (of time, place, order) , as a relation of distribution

Him (G846) = (through the idea of a baffling wind), of the third person

for (G3754) = because (why!)

He (G846) = (through the idea of a baffling wind), of the third person

cares  (G3199) = to be of interest to, concern, it matters, takes care

for (G4012) = properly through (all over), around

you (G5216) =concerning you, ye, your, your own self.

So if we throw our problems on God, He will take an interest in the matter, because he is concerned for us.

This is hard for me on several levels:

1.) I think I am supposed to figure everything out for myself. Giving it to God would be “giving up.”

2.) It is a really hard concept to believe God actually takes an interest in me. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful….It’s just so hard when the pressure is so high to remember that God does care. If anyone out there never struggles with this, please let me know! You have knowledge that I need!

So today I am meditating on this scripture…and trying to picture piling my problems on God, and leaving them there.


** Strong’s Concordance is a handy reference book that takes EVERY word in the Bible, and defines each word in its original Hebrew or Greek meaning.

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