Just call me Peg Bundy


We moved the couches off the floor in the family room, moved the fridge, and moved the kitchen table and chairs so we could have the guy come over and “re-do” the hardwood floors. Oh, and the TV is set up in the garage now. That’s where I watched Person of Interest the other night, on a stool in the garage.

The floor is supposed to “set” for about a week before we put the furniture back. Meanwhile, we can walk across it in socks, no shoes, to get the milk out of the fridge and bring it back to the “coffee area” which is the part of the kitchen that has tile. Sadly, redoing the floor did not get rid of said problem in front of the fridge.

Well, at that point my brain turned off.


I do stop myself and count my blessings. If I didn’t, they would have to put me into the special room with padded walls….

And, the only person authorized to tell us if our relocation date has been pushed out is on vacation somewhere, probably with an umbrella drink.

The suspense is really getting to me!

4 thoughts on “Just call me Peg Bundy

  1. Feeling your pain. We “sold” our big house 2 months ago and have been busily conforming to all the requests and demands by the buyer. However, our closing date was postponed last Friday until July 12th because HER mortgage company that had pre-approved the mortgage amount has now decided they want more paperwork from her including a copy of her recent divorce papers…which means we are still paying all the utilities, insurance, doing lawn care and checking the house every time it rains just in case…..Arrgh!


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