Bailey asks, “Who will play Tug-of-War with me?”

Bailey up closeIf you’ve been around my blog any length of time, you’ve met my dog Bailey. He is a short-hair Collie. He looks like “Lassie with a haircut.” Other folks have remarked that he looks like he is part Greyhound. And he certainly runs fast, when he’s in the mood.

Bailey enjoys a good game of tug-of-war, he has very strong teeth, and usually wins. The secret to winning against Bailey is to wait until he has to open his mouth to get a better grip. In that split second, you can grab the toy and win!

Last night, Bailey challenged Grandma.

IMG_2576He ran over and got — Hey, that’s one of my good dishcloths!

He brought it over to Grandma.


Grandma grabbed on, and held tight.

IMG_2574Bailey pulled……

IMG_2575And he pulled so hard that he ripped the dishcloth.

Grandma conceded.

“Nobody beats me at tug-of-war,” Bailey brags.


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