We have a pet toilet.

IMG_2078Yes, that’s what I said.

The toilet in the main bathroom upstairs sometimes requires attention. For no reason at all, it runs a little bit of water, just to remind us it’s still there, and then shuts itself off. We can be downstairs watching TV, and hear it summon us from upstairs, “Don’t you forget about me.”

It’s really not much trouble, caring for the toilet, and if you decide to get yourself one I can offer a few handy tips.

1. It needs to be cleaned once a week– more if you have men in the family with poor aim.

2. Keep other pets separate from your toilet. Dogs and cats have been known to do unspeakable things to toilets; prevention is the best cure.

3. From time to time, your toilet may get over-filled; always keep a plunger ready for such emergencies.

4. Do not pull a “Ben Stiller” and put cloth objects into your pet toilet. This will surely bring disaster.

5. Remember the phrase, “Jiggle the Handle.”

6. Do not put too many objects on the top lid. Many times this lid needs to be removed to inspect the inner workings. Don’t put any cutsie knick-knacks there, they will surely get broken.

7. If you need to replace any parts in said “inner workings” please be advised that there are no “standard” parts anymore. Any trip to Lowe’s for replacement parts will turn into an all-day affair.

8. Always buy toilet paper in bulk. This is one thing you never want to run out of.

So with a little planning ahead, you too can have a successful relationship with your pet toilet. And the best part is, they do not need a sitter when you go on vacation. 😉

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