We have a pet toilet.

Yes, that’s what I said. The toilet in the main bathroom upstairs sometimes requires attention. For no reason at all, it runs a little bit of water, just to remind us it’s still there, and then shuts itself off. We can be downstairs watching TV, and hear it summon us from upstairs, “Don’t you forget … More We have a pet toilet.


Remember the board game Battleship? When I was a kid, Battleship was a popular game. One day when my siblings and I went up to visit some neighbors. As we walked in, I noticed the garbage was piled up in the garbage bin, and the smell was gross. The floor was gray and dirty, and there … More Battleship

Did I take a shower today? …because I don’t remember…

Home bound chaos. What day is it? Thursday? Friday? Where’s my car keys? Oh, that appointment isn’t until next week. Oh no, it was yesterday! If you work from home, you know that sometimes the days blend into each other. There’s not much human contact. Night and day blend into each other. Throw a kid … More Did I take a shower today? …because I don’t remember…

Shrinking Mountains

Lest we forget, God has quite a sense of humor. On more than one occasion, I’ve had a problem that I saw as an immovable mountain. When I asked for help, God gave me a BIGGER mountain, which made the first problem look like nothing.  Not exactly the answer I was looking for…. But the … More Shrinking Mountains