“So would you like me to bring home some Chinese?”

BarricadeYesterday was Mr. Porter‘s first day at his new job, so I thought I would surprise him with dinner. But I made a huge mistake, and I forgot everything I had learned in 6th grade science class.

As you know, the only thing I whip up in the kitchen is trouble. But no, this time I did not set off the smoke alarm.

I cut the butternut squash in half, and put it into my glass pan, with water. While that was cooking, I chopped up the broccoli and the mushrooms. I put them out on cookie sheets, to roast in the oven; it gives them better flavor. I grabbed some potatoes, washed them and set them aside.

I checked the squash, and noticed it was light on water. I grabbed the glass pan from the oven (using oven mitts–I remembered that much) and put the pan on top of the stove. I added water–


The glass pan shattered all over the kitchen–into the broccoli, the mushrooms, the potatoes, and all over the floor.




I barricaded the crime scene so Bailey would not get his Collie paws hurt.


I called hubby to see what his ETA was. He was sitting in Rush Hour. I told him of my Kitchen Misadventure.

I was expecting him to say something along the lines of: “What, are you stupid!” But I forget–he doesn’t talk like thatthat’s the old tapes of my father playing in my head.

Hubby laughed.

“So would you like me to bring home some Chinese? Because what I’m hearing is that you would like me to bring home some Chinese.”


I had to wait until the glass cooled off before I could throw it out and clean up the kitchen.

So we watched the Red Sox vs. Tigers game in front of the TV with our Chinese food.

Today is hubby’s second day of his new job. Maybe I will just make Grilled Cheese or something easy.

Bailey4Cheese?! Did somebody say Cheese?!

Hmm, I wonder what Gordon Ramsey would have said, if I told him of yesterday’s Kitchen Nightmare?!

Thankfully, my husband does not talk like Gordon Ramsey!

8 thoughts on ““So would you like me to bring home some Chinese?”

    1. Hi Marie–I have been having trouble leaving comments on your blog…when I hit “post” it kicks me out into another page. I don’t know what’s up with that…I loved your pics of the rhinos.


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