Voila! It’s a floor! #homedecorating

Bailey is so happy the hammering has stopped. We now have hardwood in the hallway. This replaces the cardboard which replaced SHAG carpeting from 1980-something. We never liked the rug, and actually glued a runner over it. It was a cheap and easy way to hide the carpet. No hiding is necessary now. Friday we … More Voila! It’s a floor! #homedecorating

Mom will be Unplugged Today, so I am filling in — Love Bailey

Mom is working on her blog about the Federal Reserve. She has been mumbling under her breath a lot. She is fact-checking and looking for pictures. And mumbling under her breath. A lot. What is the Creature from Jekyll Island, Mom? I never heard of that. It sounds scary! Don’t worry Mom! I’ll protect you! … More Mom will be Unplugged Today, so I am filling in — Love Bailey

Free Sample

As I approached the Chinese Food booth at the mall food court, a small Asian woman popped towards me with a juicy piece of chicken on a toothpick. “Free Sampo,” she said in broken English.  My son and I each grabbed a toothpick, and tasted the surprise treat on a stick. “That’s good!” we agreed.  “I would … More Free Sample

Does a Prompt help?

All I wanted was some silence. I rushed across the library, my customized orthotic sneaker squeaking with every step. I tried to be quiet, but my limp seemed to advertise my presence. I slipped the laptop out of the bag, but it crashed onto the desk. The power cord followed, thudding to the floor. It … More Does a Prompt help?

Date Night: Saturday at the “Soup Kitchen” or: Give a Man a Ravioli

It used to be a mill town; the old mills are now condos for the career professionals and unfortunately, the drug dealers. The locals can’t afford to live in those buildings. The church on the corner supplies free meals on Saturday nights. Local churches rotate the duties of cooking, serving meals, and cleaning up. My … More Date Night: Saturday at the “Soup Kitchen” or: Give a Man a Ravioli

YAWN — or Sorry, HGTV, but we are keeping the wallpaper!

What bores me? Neutral colors. Beige, beige, and beige. If you watch HGTV, you know that they always advise folks that are selling their homes to make all the colors “neutral.” “People want to see themselves living here. De-personalize.” While I understand taking down the wedding and baby pictures, wouldn’t someone rather see a home … More YAWN — or Sorry, HGTV, but we are keeping the wallpaper!

My brother is stinky

“Rrring!” There goes that stupid doorbell again. I wipe the tears from my eyes and sniffle.  I open the front door to find my friend, Beth, standing there with yet another bowl of potato salad. This one is covered in paprika. I can’t stand the stuff. Her husband Mike is standing beside her, uneasy in … More My brother is stinky


Remember the board game Battleship? When I was a kid, Battleship was a popular game. One day when my siblings and I went up to visit some neighbors. As we walked in, I noticed the garbage was piled up in the garbage bin, and the smell was gross. The floor was gray and dirty, and there … More Battleship

Food is my frenemy

I ate too much pumpkin pie last night. I woke up at 4 am with pain in my stomach. I did it again. I punished myself by overeating. Why am I craving pumpkin? Is there a nutrient in the pumpkin that I need? Or am I brainwashed by the pumpkin spice latte commercials? Is it … More Food is my frenemy