One second too late: my fine photography skills

Horse-and-buggyIt was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Lake George, NY when I snapped this pic.It would have been a great picture of a horse and buggy, if I had not been one second too late, and instead got the horse’s butt.

I have not yet read my owner’s manual for my camera, although I’ve owned it for several years. I think it would be a worthy investment of my time to take a look at it.

Here’s another fine example of my photography skills. I was just one second too late capturing this little fella as he struts away.


This was taken at Saratoga Race Track as the horses were being led through the path to the starting gate. Again, I was one second too late on this one, or is the universe trying to tell me something?

I’ll let you decide.

3 thoughts on “One second too late: my fine photography skills

  1. HAHAHA…I have so many of those. Thank goodness for digital photography now — they could be deleted before they ever see the light of day (or posted on a blog for yuks!)


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