Into the Locker: Not so great High School Memories

a locker
a locker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I could tell teenagers today one thing it’s this: High School sucks for everyone.

Well, everyone except the Mean Girls and the Jocks.

But that’s ok: The Law of Sowing and Reaping (sometimes called “Karma”) will get them.

Sometimes it takes decades to catch up, but catch up it will. Don’t make it happen; let the universe take care of it.

That jock that pushes you into the locker and knocks your books on the floor? He will most likely wind up working at a convenience store for minimum wage, or maybe, working for you.

The mean girl who plotted against you? She’ll become an alcoholic who embarrasses herself at every public outing. She might even puke on her boss. (true story)

The guy that said those terrible words to you? His best friend will die, and he will know the pain of the loneliness that you felt when he insulted you in front of the crowd.

Ok, so these are my personal experiences, of people I knew, but my message is this:

High School is the complete opposite of Real Life. I know it feels like eternity at the time, but you will get through it. Hang in there.

Whether you are fat, too thin, have frizzy hair, too tall, too short, have a big nose, an “unpopular” skin color,  or whatever they use against you, life will be better after High School.

Meanwhile, if High School is too painful to deal with right now, please reach out to a trusted adult or friend, and find someone to talk to. Please don’t hurt yourself. There are all kinds of groups on Facebook to help with suicide prevention, if you are even thinking that. You are a unique person, and great creation.

Don’t let them steal your dignity from you. Those people might seem important now, but in the future, you might even feel sorry for them.

8 thoughts on “Into the Locker: Not so great High School Memories

  1. The more I reflect, the more I agree. The system itself was oppressive and, apart from a few teachers, a huge waste of time. Most of what I really learned was on my own, outside of the building. As for socialization? Negative.
    It also appears high school’s gotten worse, rather than better, since I was a student.
    Start printing those buttons, Life will be better after high school.


    1. I’m with you, high school was a total waste of my time! I didn’t really learn much after 8th grade; most of the material was repeated in high school.
      I do feel sorry for the kids today. They now can be “cyber-bullied” in the off hours.
      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I enjoyed the best of both worlds. I played basketball and tennis, so the jocks didn’t mess with me, but I did well academically, so I could relate to the nerds. I do agree high school is an artificial environment and not indicative of later life. Until you reconnect on Facebook, that is. 🙂


  3. I’m a recovering high school jock. But, I was a nice jock who could have done much better with the influence it provided me. High school is cruel — and status is often determined by what you are good at rather than who you are. For many, that can be a tough obstacle. Thanks for the post.


  4. I so wish a teenager will read this (and not laugh / cry hysterically) at these words. Teenagers believe that school is the end all and be all of their lives, and it’s just not true.

    PS: I’ve found through personal experience that the “mean, popular” kids ended up being “not so popular”, while the “nerds and freaks” had it better after leaving HS and entering “real life”.


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