Bailey says, “Let it snow”

IMG_3100The weather outside is frightful.

If you live in the Northeastern US, this is not a news bulletin.

Bailey is snug as a spoiled pup in my good blanket.

He doesn’t like going out into the snow, because it gets his feet wet. You know how we hate to have wet socks, it feels yucky–I suspect that’s why.

It has snowed all day and is supposed to snow all day again tomorrow.


Like all good moms I have fun embarrassing my pup:IMG_3089

He chewed up the antlers last year, so this year I bought him a hat. He hated it just as much.

IMG_3097Bailey likes it just fine hanging out in the good blanket.


That’s all for now. Bailey is giving me the look. “Aren’t you done taking pictures of me yet?”

Have a Happy 2014 everyone!

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