Is that a hint? On gift baskets of soap and body wash

soap-gift-basketI have always felt, personally, that the gift basket is a cop-out. It’s one thing if you put a gift basket together yourself filled with favorite things that you know the recipient will enjoy. For example, a box with a  favorite dvd, a box of popcorn and a box of hot chocolate mix might make for a very nice gift.

But to buy one off the shelf, put together by a total stranger is just lazy.

And soap? As a gift?

Is this what you really mean?


Or maybe you really mean this?


While you’re at it, why not add this to the basket?


And don’t forget this!


That’s what you really mean, isn’t it?

If you really don’t know what to buy me, I’ll always welcome a gift card to Barnes and Noble, or a box of chocolates.

Or a basket of this would be nice!

cashWhat would you like in your gift basket?

What’s the best or worst gift basket you ever received?

4 thoughts on “Is that a hint? On gift baskets of soap and body wash

    1. Thank you for visiting NIBSIH… I am so glad you laughed. Sometimes I write these things, and I am afraid people will take me too seriously 🙂

      But I have known a few people who could have benefited from this kind of gift!


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