Apartment Business

This is one of my first published Flash Stories. 

My friend drew the picture to go along with it.

And yes, it really happened. I don’t have to make stuff up!


Apartment Business

Emma had forgotten to buy beer for Fred for the last time. “Bam!” A bullet rushed through the barrel of the gun and hit Emma in the face.

Neighbors confessed that they often heard Fred and Emma arguing, but they decided to mind their own business.

 But my father was the one who cleaned the mess off the walls.  You see, my parents owned the apartment building. It was their business.

 And my mother was the one who wrote the classified ad for the newspaper.

 I was the one who explained to callers, “Yes, it’s a one-bedroom apartment. FRESHLY PAINTED.”

Freshly Painted (2)

3 thoughts on “Apartment Business

    1. Thank you Courtney. Sadly, it really happened. I was going to write it with the city it happened in as a character; but as I went along it wasn’t working. Then I saw a challenge to write it in 100 words. And it worked!


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