Finally, I’m officially published.

IMG_3316Okay, so it’s only a short story. In fact, it’s only 100 words. It’s an ultra short memoir. Some might also call it Flash. But it’s also a true story. My story.

I was excited today open the mailbox and find my very own copy of the book, Reverie – Ultra Short Memoirs, collected by CoCo Harris.

There on page 61 is my story, “Apartment Business” that I blogged about yesterday. [I actually submitted the story two years ago and it’s taken all this time for it to get to print.]

I’ve been blogging for about two years. I’ve had a blurb published in a cancer magazine. I’ve guest-blogged. I’ve had pats on the back from published authors. I’ve even been Freshly Pressed.

Nothing quite compares to the thrill of seeing your story with other peoples’ stories– in black and white, in print, in a book–a real book you can hold in your hands.

It inspired me to continue work on another story–for now called “Lawnmower” –which still needs some editing and cleaning up.

Next stop was of course Facebook, so I could get more pats on the back from “friends”. (You know about friends on Facebook…..)

This book in my mailbox today was a welcome addition to my world. A world that has been below-freezing degrees for weeks. A world which needed some good news.

I know tomorrow everything goes back to normal. I still have to mop the floor. I still have laundry. I still have to clean the toilet.

But for today, everything is fabulous.

16 thoughts on “Finally, I’m officially published.

  1. I know exactly what you mean about opening up a box and seeing your name on a published book. I’ve self-published two books and have a third one nearly ready….It’s a thrill every time! Congratulations!


  2. Well done. My claim to fame was a small article in a publication about epilepsy, well that and all the copy I’ve written for holiday brochures and the like. I guess the first step is the most important, actually sending things off in the first place.


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