5 thoughts on “Happy Singles Awareness Day

    1. True. Years ago, when I was a single mom, I worked with a guy who was a single dad. (JUST friends.) Anyway, he would share stories he had read about bad breakups and stabbings etc.
      I once had someone hit my parked car as he was trying to run down his girlfriend. And he actually told the cops that!
      And we both decided we were better alone. I met my hubby about 5 years later.


      1. Sometimes you have to wait for the good guys. I struggled so much with the idea of divorce. I’d just started reading the Bible (as we often tend to do when things go horribly wrong) and I really didn’t trust God. I kept thinking how could got hate a divorced person but forgive a murderer (my theology at the time was VERY shaky).

        An amazing woman told me to keep praying and God would either heal the marriage or end it His way. I was so desperate I finally put my troubles in His hands and things worked out but not in the way I imagined.

        I really do feel that my second husband (who was being drawn closer to God at the same time) is a gift from God. I probably could have used 5 years to heal but God protected me and we met sooner 🙂 He probably knew if he didn’t get me with someone good I’d have picked another bad boy–haha.We’ve struggled bringing our baggage and 5 kids into the mix, but with God we’ve learned a lot and are more in love now than the beginning.

        A long winded reply only to say that I believe now that putting your trust in God may seem frustrating and scary but it’s worth it in romance.


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