My Long Weekend

IMG_2761It started out with Valentine’s day, which Hubby and I celebrated on Saturday lunch, rather than Friday night dinner so we could actually enjoy the meal instead of being darted with eyes of waitstaff waiting to get the next customers in.

In between days I had a good long cry, a cleansing cry, one that’s been held up for 50 years and needed to come forward. Tears can clean out old cobwebs of the soul and mind.

Last night we watched another Philip Seymour Hoffman movie; my hubby is quite bored with him, but he was my favorite actor and I am still saying goodbye as if I knew him personally.

Then of course there was the Olympics #Sochi2014 last night. I love watching the ice skaters whether they are dancing or just skating. I never could stand up on a pair of skates, much less skate any distance, so to watch them is sheer joy for me. I do get grumpy though that the newscasters must function in the role of critic and nit-pick every little tiny thing they allegedly did wrong. I would so love to force the judges to the ice and let them do the routine. ha.

Also, I wanted to barf as they made a big deal over Bode Miller. There’s his picture perfect wife of 18 months. But ah, do the math. His son, by another mother is almost a year old. So Hero Bode knocked up someone else and then found his soul mate within weeks. He got the bronze anyway. But cheers for the guy who grew up in Lake Placid!

This morning I tackled the Great Wallpaper Removal Project. I have 10 hours into it so far, and will need at least 10 more before I can prime and paint. For those who don’t remember, here is the wallpaper in question:

IMG_2565It’s coming down, baby!

And then I watched last night’s Downton Abbbey on Roku.


did Mr. Bates

KILL Mr. Green,

IN York,

IN traffic,

WITH a shove?

#clue #downtonabbey

5 thoughts on “My Long Weekend

  1. Beautifully put – only those soul-deep cries can wash away the pain that’s been in there too long. I’m glad you got your chance.

    Grieving for a special actor is perfectly normal and natural. You did know him, in a way. The very best actors put themselves into their roles and that, we have always with us.


  2. Great post….and yes I believe Mr. Bates did indeed kill Mr. Green in York, in Traffic with a shove from his cane! Otherwise someone would have seen him personally push him…….. and who will Mary choose?? Inquiring minds want to know! 😉


    1. yes, I forgot about the cane!! I am having trouble telling the difference between the 2 guys that like Mary, they both look alike and sound alike to me, I guess I need to replay the episode!


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