I finally went back to the gym today

quick. grab it before it's gone!
quick. grab it before it’s gone!

Most of us decide that January is the time to get back on the bike and try again, but I held out until February. Well, ok, it took me that long to talk myself into it. Here in the Northeast we have been getting hammered with snow and cold-cold-cold temperatures. Who wants to get up extra early and brave the cold, to go to the gym and sweat? Lean, healthy people, that’s who!

I had left the gym sometime around last October when they began remodeling the Women’s Locker room. I had visions that they would re-work the slope of the showers so that they would drain better. That didn’t happen. But they did take my suggestion and put full-size shower curtains on the showers. [It’s the little things in life that count.] Someone in a money-saving quest (I’m guessing) had previously taken those cheap-o shower curtains and cut them in half to cover twice as many showers. Of course since they don’t cover the front of the shower the water goes everywhere and…big mess. I mean for a couple of bucks we can certainly afford a shower curtain.

Okay so I didn’t solve all the world’s problems, just a better start to some peoples’ mornings, and a happier janitor for sure.

The first person I saw when I walked in today is an acquaintance of mine who comes to swim. She’s a real trooper, showing up in this weather and jumping in the pool for 30 minutes. Brr.

I went up to the recumbent bikes. I gotta love it, as it has a built in TV with cable, so I watched that HGTV guy, you know the Canadian guy with the black hair who helps people remodel their rental properties. They make it look so easy on TV. Of course you don’t see the crew of 20 people that are working on it for several weeks; you only see two guys who seem to miraculously fix-up the joint in minutes. I breezed through 25 minutes of pedaling the bike. I’ll see how my old bones respond in the morning, I suppose.

On the way down the stairs to go out, I ran in to another acquaintance. We have a mutual friend and we all took a vacation together–dare I say it–ten years ago. Just another reminder of how fast time flies by. All our kids are grown up and on their way.

I came back to the house and Bailey was staring at me, like, “Hey, I’m sitting here, take me outside.” Ok, who can resist that face?

We went out for a walk and a jogger went by, and Bailey tried to run along side the jogger instead of staying with me! Ha. Nice try Bailey.

Time to go back down and strip off more wallpaper. I guess that’s the good part about being semi-snowed-in. I have more incentive to finish the projects I’ve been putting off. And just think of how nice it will look when it’s all done and painted.

Have a nice day all!

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