Regrets: I’ve had a few

regret-5I have taken some time to look back on my life, knowing there are some things that could not have been done any differently. I worked with the knowledge and tools I had at the time. But there are a few things I wished I had done differently:

  1. Christmas, 1990-something. We were snowed in at my sister’s log cabin. My cousin, who was trained in classical piano, was playing Christmas music on the little portable keyboard. I had been taking violin lessons for six months, and I had brought the violin with me to play some songs. But when my cousin showed up, I chickened out, too self-conscious to even give it a go, thinking he would make fun of me. I hid the violin under the couch and swore my sister to secrecy. I wish I had taken out the fiddle and joined him in playing.
  2. Disability Office. 2010. A woman outside asked me for a dollar for the bus. I didn’t give it to her. I was all wrapped up in my own problems, nervous about meeting the Disability Agent, and if I was going to lose my benefits.  This one really bothers me a lot.
  3. Christmas 1980-something. My boyfriend-at-the-time’s mother asked me to go to see the Nutcracker with her. I told her I had too much homework to do, but I flunked out that semester anyway. (the party days.) She died a few years later of cancer.
  4. I regret throwing out old pictures of childhood friends and old cards from my grandparents, in an attempt to declutter.
  5. I regret that I spent the silver dollars that my grandfather gave me buying food from Burger King!

I could go on…but instead I’ll share some interesting pictures I found around the interwebz today.













And so, I will end on a positive note, putting it all back into perspective:





Have a good day everyone!

I go for my MRI today. Then to surgeon and plastic surgeon on Monday. I will keep you posted.

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