Out and About, and finding my brain.

It’s  been just over a month since I had my mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. I am able to get up out of bed more easily. I can make myself small meals like fried eggs and toast. I am still not supposed to do heavy lifting (Like getting the huge spaghetti sauce pot from the bottom cabinet, etc.)

I’ve started doing the arm exercises, but of course the first day I overdid it and was in pain all night. I sometimes forget I am 50-something and not 20-something, and that I can’t do things at full force.

The stitches across my belly (that’s where they took the material to construct a new breast) are still itchy at times. But it’s a whole lot better than it was the first few days after surgery, when I was in agony and pushing the morphine button as often as possible.

I have been on OxyContin since I left the hospital. I have been cutting back, and alternating with Advil (which is actually my favorite pain killer.). Today I didn’t take any Oxy at all. I miss my brain too much, and I am  hoping for its soon return.

I knew I had a problem when I could not remember the words for “coffee cup”. That downright scared me. I was sitting there with my husband asking, ” where’s my thingy.”


Yes, folks, this is my brain on drugs, and it’s not pretty.

Yesterday Mr porter drove me to the drug store to pick up some supplies, you know bandages, shampoo and such.  Today he took me to church, and although I sat through some parts that I was supposed to stand up, I was good to be out in public.


I tend to be a hermit and I do like staying home reading, surfing the interwebz and watching movies, but eventually I have to get myself back into the “real world”


Im sorry if there are some typos.  I am using my nieces iPad, and I’m still not used to it. Also, well, ya know, my brain has not fully returned.

Also, somehow I have lost the “save draft button” so I don’t know…..


I hope to be able to drive myself to the doctor on Wednesday.

Thursday is a pivotal day, as I should get the results from the test on the cancerous tumor, and find out what kind of chemo they are recommending.


I am not going to attempt to add any pics today because I am afraid I will lose all my words.


Happy Sunday everyone.

thanks for reading.







16 thoughts on “Out and About, and finding my brain.

  1. Glad to see you so positive. Good luck on the appointment. I’ve started reading a book How to Climb the Eiffel Tower, again about cancer. One gal has cervical cancer and the other lung cancer. Not too far into the read yet, but the author, Elizabeth Hein, is making it a reading experience. Isn’t October cancer awareness month?


    1. Hi Eileen. I didn’t know October was cancer awareness month (I’m not aware of much lately 😉 ) My pet peeve is the Anti-perspirants that have ALUMINUM in them; studies have shown aluminum can cause breast cancer and also contribute to Alzheimers. Ugh. I switched over years ago to “natural” deodorants.
      First I use “salts” and let that dry, then use Tom’s of Maine (again, I have to be careful because they were bought out by P & G years ago, and some of them have aluminum now too.– Just like some of the Tom’s toothpastes have flouride.–So much for natural.) Anyway, they antiperspirants have aluminum in them yet sport a PINK RIBBON on the package. Hypocrisy!

      The book you are reading sounds interesting. I am behind in my reading (again, Oxy) and I am also behind in my own writing.


      Thanks for stopping by!


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  2. I’m glad to hear you are making progress. I am also glad you are weaning yourself off the prescribed meds. Hope the tests results are good ones and you don’t have to go through harsh chemo.


    1. Hi Terri. Yes, I can’t wait to be off the prescription meds. Actually today is my second day without the Oxy, I am hoping I will be able to drive by Wednesday. I will keep drinking prune juice to flush EVERYTHING out of me. { That did cause a toilet backup and Mr. Porter was not happy, but we are well past that now. hehehe. }

      I am not looking forward to chemo, that is for sure. My mother in law has chemo for multiple meloma, and although she has kept her hair, she gets bad diareha.

      My next door neighbor had surgery/reconstruction/chemo a decade ago and we chatted yesterday out by her clothes line. She said that there is now some new contraption that I can put on my head to keep the hair from falling out. She’s going to email me info later this week. It’s worth a shot.

      Some women go to “Shaving Ceremonies” where there hair stylist will invite them and a few close friends, and close the shop to the public. They then enjoy a glass of wine, and have their head shaved. (hmm I should blog about this.) The women I talked to who went thru this said it gave them a feeling of empowerment that THEY decided when the hair would come off. I can see the value in that.

      Thank you Terri for stopping by. You are always a great encouragement to me.



  3. I am glad to hear you are doing better. I hope your test results come out as good and that you can drive yourself tot he doctor, You are a very positive person and bless you for the encouragement you are giving others when you write your posts about your journey. Thanks for the update!


    1. HI T. Thanks for your kind words. I never thought of myself as a positive person; but because my son and my husband need me, I need to fight this. Also, I am too young to let the cancer win!

      I am so looking forward to driving again. I really miss it. That’s really the only time I listen to my praise and worship music (and sing off-key loudly)– I rarely play music in the house. I don’t know why, I guess I like the quiet.

      Thanks for stopping by!



    1. Thank you Courtney! I was outside walking in my yard yesterday, and I am feeling stronger every day. My husband is looking forward to when I can get back to regular housework and regular cooking! He cleaned the house yesterday, but he has so much other stuff going on, I felt bad.

      I also started doing my arm exercises for range of motion. I am starting to be able to do more things. I’m not quite up to the vacuum cleaner yet, but hopefully only a week or so more to go.

      Thank you for your prayers, I appreciate it more than you know!



      1. That is so good to hear. Just take your time…. do what the doctor says. It will serve you mightily in the coming days. Your hubby is so sweet. I am glad he is taking such good care of you and giving you the support you need. As things progress you will be able to do your part again and that will be here before you know it and you will be a year or two out looking back. Patience my dear…. 🙂
        Will continue to pray for your speedy recovery…..

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  4. After my Hysterectomy, all the drugs made me break down whenever I heard the word “cabbage”. (It was St. Patrick’s day, and I felt guilty that I was in the hospital, rather than at home cooking the big meal for my family!) I can totally relate to drug related brain fog, but so thankful that during medical circumstances, they are available for us.
    Praying for you and for Thursdays results leaning in your favor. Take care. =)

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  5. So glad to see things are getting better. If it’s any consolation my brain is pretty much like yours all the time. The word thingy or doodah means whatever it is I’m looking for at any particular time and it’s amazing how my family know just what I mean. Keep up the positive mental attitude it’s your greatest weapon 🙂

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    1. Hi Marie, I’m glad my brain is coming back. It’s strange that I have been relatively positive during this whole ordeal, because I am very pessimistic by nature. I guess miracles happen every day. 🙂

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