Bailey’s Excellent photo shoot, revisited

IMG_3942HI, Bailey here. By popular request I am filling in for Mom again today. Mom is very busy, trying to find scotch tape, and writing out cards. Then she has to close up the envelopes with a wet paper towel, because she refuses to “lick” the envelopes. I personally don’t have any problem licking anything. Mom can be weird like that.

So let’s get right to my photo shoot:

IMG_3150Look how ridiculous Mom makes me look! Like I’m her own personal dress-up doll! There oughta be a law!


I like the nice green Christmas blanket. Mom was mad that I got my fur all over it, but I think it smells better now.


Ahhhh. That’s better, snuggly warm blanket.



Here’s one from the summer. Is this my best side?


Or maybe this is my best side?



Ha! That’s a trick question. I am handsome from every angle!



I was caught in the act here; I was sniffing Mom’s shoes, and thinking about a little shoe snack, but she stopped me.



Here’s my real sad, begging face. “No one feeds me cheese. No one plays with me. No one takes me on a walk.” It usually works. ๐Ÿ˜‰



Here I am, on the job, sniffing for squirrels and chipmunks. I make sure no critters are in my yard. If I find any, I bark and chase them away. But they always outrun me.



After all this hard work, I need a nap.

I hope you enjoyed my photo shoot.


Your friend,


8 thoughts on “Bailey’s Excellent photo shoot, revisited

  1. Your photo shoot went so well. Maybe you can appear on the cover of Vogue next time they are looking for a great model. Hope you get some cheese for Christmas.


  2. Yes, he is handsome from every angle!! I like the picture of him wearing Santa’s cap. COOL!
    I often see dogs wearing very cute clothes(^_-)-โ˜†
    But….I am a little bit sad because it is hard to find cute clothes for my cat!


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