My Christmas Lesson

MerryI rarely go to Craigslist, but yesterday an ad caught my eye. “Free Toys Wanted.” The latent Santa in me was aroused, and I answered back that I had a few things I could donate.

My son is grown up, so I was sure he would not miss a few random stuffed animals and board games that were lying around the house, hiding the in backs of drawers and closets.

I assembled two bags of items that are not needed anymore, but still in good shape.

I met the person at the arranged place and time.

He did not hang up his phone. I wanted to explain what was in the bags, and tell him that there were other things in my car, if he was interested. But he never hung up or even told the person to hang on–so that I was unable to have a conversation. I placed the items in the trunk of his car. He nodded and smiled and we went our separate ways.

I was a little disappointed. I had been excited about making a difference in a child’s Christmas morning. I wanted to share how I found the toys in the nooks and crannies that I had forgotten about. But it wasn’t meant to be.

Wow. Do I do that to God? Do I ask Him for things, and then when He gives them to me, do I thank Him in between bites of my sandwich? Do I give Him my undivided attention? Do I wait on Him, just in case He wants to give me MORE?

Have I missed blessings God wanted to give me because I was too busy with the cares of the world to pay attention?

Unfortunately, yes. Yes, I have.

Today was a sobering wake-up call to me. God  is trying to get stuff to us, if we would only pay attention.

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