Do I look comfy to you? Year End Edition, 2014


Hi, Bailey here filling in for Mom again. Mom decided I should go through my pictures and post my funny positions I have gotten into through the course of the year. Believe it or not, my picture above is a position that I get into very often. It’s very comfy!

This is what I do when my nose is cold, I roll up into a little ball. Notice how I can bend my front leg:



Sometimes I like to become invisible and hide behind the curtain:



But Mom still finds me. I don’t know how she does it:


Mom still laughs every time she sees this one. I was very comfortable, by the way.


Here’s the side view:


Here’s the one Mom took when I came home from being in the kennel for a week. Those other dogs sure made a lot of noise! I tucked my head under the couch. I just wanted some peace and quiet:



Mom likes to put the antlers on me for the Holidays. But this is not comfy at all:



I had to hide myself for the sheer embarrassment of it all. I’m glad no one can see me hiding behind this curtain:



Mom took this pic when Dad first got his new job. He had to leave the house everyday, and I was so bored:



You have to be really talented to do this. I can sleep with my nose 1/4 inch above the floor. Yes, it’s very comfy:




In fact, I was sleeping like this just yesterday, until Mom woke me up. Yes, in this exact position:


This position Mom calls, “Crouching Bailey, Hidden Dragon.” It looks like I’m going to jump up any second. But I only jump up if they say the magic word, “cheese”.



Mom taught me to do this if I want a treat. Sometimes she teases me and says “Raise your hand if you’re spoiled.” I do it anyway, because she still gives me a treat.


Here I am chillaxing at the edge of my bed. This is comfy too:



Sometimes I try to roll myself into a little ball. It looks more difficult than it is. Mom sometimes calls this “the pretzel” because my legs are all intertwined. But it’s comfy:




This is the face I make when Mom is cooking again:





Well that’s it for now. I’m sure Mom will keep taking pictures of me as I try new positions.





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