Today was the best day ever!

Blitz-6Hi Bailey here again, filling in for Mom. While Mom and Dad don’t agree, today was the best day ever. Ok, well it was the best day for me. My best friend Blitz came over to play today! That’s Blitz, the black dog in the picture. You already know me.

Mom was going out the door to take me for my walk to the park, when I saw my best friend Blitz on the leash with his mom! I was so excited I pulled Mom down the driveway and we both almost fell over. Then our moms talked, and Blitz came to play in my backyard with me. Usually I go to his house, but today was the first time he came to my house.

Dad is not feeling well today. Mom was in the hospital again Tuesday night into Wednesday night because she had chest pains. The doctors don’t know what caused it, but Mom said they checked her heart and everything is fine, so they sent her back home. She still feels a little tired, because she only slept for 20 minutes Tuesday night. Hospitals are not good places for sleep. They are too noisy.

Mom sent a text to her friend, and she was able to email all the other moms in the Bible Study group so they were able to pray for Mom while she was in the hospital. Mom was able to go to Bible Study Friday, and thank all her friends for praying for her.

Dad didn’t get much sleep either. He was with Mom until she actually got admitted to the hospital, which was 2:30 am. Then he got home at 3 am, and woke up at 6 am. So Dad has a cold today.

So Mom and Dad are tired today. But did I tell you it was the best day ever?!

Blitz-9This is a picture of Blitz and me running on the path into the woods. I am the fastest runner, so sometimes I slow down so Blitz can catch up with me.

Blitz-4We had to take a lot of rests because we ran around so much. Mom wasn’t able to get any good pictures of us running.

Blitz-8Above is the best picture Mom was able to get. I am too fast for her!

Blitz-10Blitz’s mom came to pick him up and take him home. But I am sure we will play again another day.

Your Friend,


6 thoughts on “Today was the best day ever!

  1. Dear Bailey:

    What a nice surprise that Blitz came over to play with you! I’m sure you were a good host and had lots of fun together.

    It sounds like you are busy looking after Mom and Dad. Make sure they get some rest. You might have to insist that they each take a nap every day when you do.

    Nice to catch up with the news.

    Your friend,


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