Changing Appearances

I'm so bored! When is dad coming home?
I’m so bored! When is dad coming home?

When my husband started a new job, we knew he would need to change his appearance. He had been telecommuting from home and his normal business attire was a t-shirt and shorts. For the new job, he needed to wear dress pants, a shirt and a tie. We knew this would be extra work for us; more laundry and ironing. But we never considered the effect that the new job would have on our collie, Bailey.

While Mike had been working from home, he was able to take Bailey for a walk each day at lunch time. Bailey was content, knowing that his master was on the premises and safe. Mike would make trips downstairs to the kitchen for coffee during the day, and Bailey was happy to see him.

Before Mike started the new job, we sat down and figured out all the changes we needed to make. We would have to adjust the morning time that we go to the gym, so that he could be home in time to get dressed for work. There was a 45 minute commute involved, so we needed to consider extra gasoline expenditures, and car maintenance. I would have to plan ahead so that his clothes would be ironed and ready to go. He would have to pack a lunch instead of making lunch in the kitchen.

Bailey looked puzzled on Mike’s first day. It was as if he was thinking, “Where is he going?” After a few hours, Bailey started moping around the house. He would look out the front window, then look out the back window, then retreat to his bed.

When Mike finally appeared at the front door at 6 pm, Bailey barked at him for several minutes, as if to say, “Where have you been?” We laughed. We never took Bailey’s feelings into consideration when deciding on the new job.

For the most part, Bailey is now used to the new schedule. I take him for a short walk at lunchtime. At 5:30 he sits by the front door, waiting for Mike.

But if Mike dares to come home after 6:30, Bailey gives him quite an earful when he appears at the front door.


2 thoughts on “Changing Appearances

  1. My cats, over the years, would be waiting for us when we got home from work, ready to “chat” about their own busy day. We even had a dog when we were first married who tried to wake us up on the weekends as if to say “Hey, get up…you’re going to be late for work!”


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