Quick, Send Moses!


We woke up this morning to find the road in front of our house flooded. There was no way we could drive the car through it without stalling the car. In fact, here is our neighbor’s car, which did stall and get stuck.



Bailey assessed the situation and decided that Mr. Porter should work from home today. It is not worth ruining the car. There is no sense invoking the insurance company into our lives unnecessarily.



On days like this I wish that I had a time-travel device so that I could ask Moses for help pushing back the waters. He could lift up his staff and part the waters that have overtaken the road so that Mr. Porter and our neighbors could go to work.



The town workers drove by in their large, high trucks like a boat in the everglades.


I thought I heard them snicker as they passed by.




My neighbor emerged from the car, and walked up to our driveway, his pants wet up to his knees. I brought out two folding chairs from the garage so that he and hubby could sit in the driveway, while Mr. Neighbor took off his shoes. I brought out a towel so that he could dry his feet. He didn’t want to “bother” us but I certainly wouldn’t ignore him!

The town workers returned about an hour later with a small pump. This is the kind of pump that would be used to empty a swimming pool, or maybe a koi pond. They ran the hose around another neighbor’s back yard.


This process is going to take many hours, and the pump is loud and grinding like a dentist’s drill. Bailey is not happy. We were scheduled to go see his doggie friend, Georgie, and my friend Ziva*.



I watched a video on Amazon Prime yesterday about the Exodus. God led Moses to literally “a rock and a hard place”. It was at Pi-Hahiroth, which means “mouth of the gorges” surrounded by mountains and on the other side was the Red Sea. Now remember, God led him there. For a human, the situation looked impossible, especially when the Egyptians showed up, driving their best chariots, intent on taking the Israelites back to Egypt. The people were mad at Moses—“Why did you bring us out here to die? Were there no graves in Egypt?” Panic. Sheer Panic. Moses must have been quite afraid himself, but turned to God and asked, “What should I do?”

God replied, “Lift up your staff.” God parted the waters, and the Israelites walked out on the dry land. Once they were across the Red Sea, God told Moses to again lift up his staff, and the waters receded, taking the wheels and axles off the chariots and drowning the Egyptians.


There is scientific and archaeological evidence for this event. I am currently reviewing the documentary “The Exodus Revealed” which explains that scientists found coral reefs shaped like wheels and axles on both sides of the sea, near the  Gulf of Aqaba, which is believed to be the site of the Red Sea crossing.


Personally, the waters have not parted yet, and I don’t wish for my wheels and axles to become part of an archaeological dig. Next time I will check the weather report, and park down the road a ways, so I am not trapped by the moat, er, driveway.


A neighbor informed us that this part of the road always floods when it rains heavily. I wonder why the Landlord neglected to tell us this little bit of trivia when we signed the lease?

#Moses #SendHelp #Flood


*Not her real name of course.

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