One Line Wednesday

Hello dear readers. I have so much on my mind today, but so many things that I can’t disclose to you at this time. So although I feel like writing, maybe I should be on my “non-online” computer instead of this one; but here I am.

One line Wednesday, which is really spelled #1linewed is a Twitter hashtag. Each Wednesday there is a different topic for writers to tweet one line from their WIP (work in progress). Each week is a different topic. This week was NUMBERS.

Here  is what I tweeted from my WIP “Ambassador”:


I dreamed I called him, and kept redialing the numbers.

“Hello?” His mom answered.

“Is Doug there?”

“No, he’s dead.”

As always, based on true events, with the names changed.

In other news, I have a flash fiction story that is going to be published in an India-based magazine, and will be available on Amazon within the next two months. We connected on Twitter.

I also connected with a cooking magazine (yes, me) who is interested in hearing some of my more humorous stories of kitchen disasters. I may have found another niche! I could probably turn out one a month.

I am in the process of reading two books. The first one is Operating in the courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson. There is a lot of material there, but I highly recommend it. I should do a proper book review when I finish. The other book is by Mike Evans and called Betsie, Promise of God. It’s the story of Corrie ten Boom’s sister. The ten Boom family lived in the Netherlands in the early 1900’s. What I love about this book is that although it’s written by a man, the voice of a young Dutch girl narrator is perfect. I can learn a lot from this book. (Corrie ten Boom is famous for hiding Jews during Hitler’s years of terror.)

Bailey? Well Bailey is doing well as always!








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