Our Griswald Vacation at Lake Placid

Like the Griswalds in the “Vacation” movies starring Chevy Chase, we had a lot of ground to cover and not much time. For Memorial day weekend, we only had three days. Although it is was a long weekend for most people,our lives revolve around Bailey, and his kennel reservations. 

The drive upstate is always peaceful. Not much traffic, but lots of trees. 

Yes, I took that while the car was moving. 

We got into town late, so we went to sleep. So far this is a very exciting story, eh?

In the morning, we watched the Memorial Day parade down the main street. 

It was nice to see American flags waving, people of all ages participating, snd of course patriotic pups. 

We took the boat ride around Lake Placid and although I was not able to get high quality pictures, here’s a few. 

I stayed in my seat to take these pictures because I didnt want to be rude to the other passengers, and of course, if I stand up in a moving vehicle of any kind, there is the chance I will fall. I’m graceful like that. 😎

Of course the couple behind me had neither of these concerns and jumped up every few minutes, hitting the back of my chair every time and stretching across the other passengers, full Nikon assembly in their hands (and the passengers’ faces) as if they were paparazzi  zooming in for a shot of Princess Diana. 

I decided to exaggerate my stretch back against my chair, arm over the top. This did not slow Camera Lady down, as she swung in back of me and latched on to the part of my chair I wasn’t protecting, pulling my chair back as she did. I was close to blowing my fuse, and shooting off my mouth, but I looked at Mr. Porter and he was a enjoying the ride, the weather, the day, and instead pushed my lips together so no words came out.  

This was my view for breakfast the following morning. 

These are scenes from Mirror Lake. The town of Lake Placid is actually situated on Mirror Lake. I don’t know why.  I was not consulted on the naming process.   

So zoom zoom and it was over. Back home again to laundry, Bailey spoiling, and my regularly sceduled life.   

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