I forgot to bring my credit card

..with me to buy the new Nook. I had to go back home to get it. I used to get upset in these situations; I’m “wasting time”, I didn’t plan ahead, etc.   Somehow  I knew there would be a reason. The reason was timing. 

I bought the new Nook at a greatly reduced price, and I’m going to roll the dice and not spend the 35 bucks for the service plan. Mysteriously my old Nook stopped working yesterday. I also got an email about the sale on the new Nook.  I connected the dots. 

So when I came out of the store, I found a woman, let’s call her Lorraine, standing with a cardboard sign saying “family needs help”. My first instinct is still to avoid eye contact, but I said a quick prayer and felt I needed to talk to her.  

Long story short, she is a single mom just trying to take care of her kids. I have put out the word to my bible study girls, and we shall see what God provides. 

So like I wrote about yesterday, another God-incidence occurred today while I was just going along my regularly  scheduled life. 

Comments, questions, concerns, queries, quips?

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