I call your attention to this:

Notice the last line on this magazine cover: Eleanor & Park’s Rainbow Rowell.  Yes that’s really the author’s name. 

Here’s the full cover:

I picked this up at my local Barnes & Noble about a week ago but I had no time to read it.  I set it aside. 

As you may (or may not) know, I won a Twitter contest, the Grand Prize being a FREE edit of the first 75 pages of my work-in-progress Ambassador, which is an Embellished Memoir. 

I realized I had some issues with the teenage years. It was a long time ago. I knew my writing needed to be kicked up a notch. 

My good friend and writer Anna (visit her blog heresuggested that I read Eleanor and Park for inspiration. I filed a request for this book at my library, and planned to pick it up before the library visit by Archer Mayor, a wrter of dectective mysteries. (Which I did. I like to hear how other writers do things. )

I started reading Eleanor and Park last night and it’s just what I needed. 

This morning after dealing with domestic tornadoes, I reached for the magazine and almost fell over when I read the cover. 

This is what I call a God-incidence; all the things in your life that seem random but are not. We see the thread and the knots; God sees the tapestry being created on the other side. 

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