New slippers for me

I suppose I could have “cropped ” the photo, so only my slippers are there.  Instead, you can see my still-pink cabinets, and a miscellaneous plastic bag. Inside that bag are apples from a local orchard. Delish. I already made a dish of pseudo-apple crisp (no flour, no added sugar) and it was delicious.  The big secret: cinnamon and nutmeg.   What, you already knew that?! 

It’s pouring rain today which means Bailey had a very short walk today. I was more than willing to take him around the block, but he went to his favorite pee pole, did his business and ran back into the house.  

Raise your hand if you’re spoiled:

I had my snow tires installed on my car yesterday.  Today I took Mr. Porter’s car and they installed his tires. So we are all set for snow. We have Nokian tires, which are made in Finland, and have great traction. I can drive through six inches of snow like nothing.  

Mr. Porter always says Bailey is a chick magnet, so I thought this meme was cute:

Work continues on the Porter Estate.  So far we have had exhaust fans installed in ghe kitchen and baths, lights in the master closets, a medicine chest on the wall of the bath, and the beginnings of filling in the ceiling where the skylights used to be.  Oh, and one of our heating zone thingies blew out so we had that fixed too.  

My opinion on the election:  our country is twenty trillion dollars in debt. It’s unsustainable. We can’t keep kicking the can down the road.  Although Trump is, shall we say, rough around the edges, he is a businessman. We need to run the country like a business–we can’t keep losing money or we will lose the country.  Love him or HATE him, please join me in praying for the UNITED States of America. 

God can do the impossible.  Haven’t you had miracles in your own life? Times when all was bleak, but God came through at the last second with an answer? And maybe not the answer that you thought it should be? 

As we go through each day, let’s be the kind of person that our dog or cat thinks that we are!

And I almost forgot!! Mr. Porter and i went to the Soup Man, made famous by Jerry Seinfeld. 

I had the butternut squash soup.  Mr. Porter had the Jam-ba-ly-a.   

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