The Saga of Slow Man

We bought a plastc SLOW man, hoping passing motorists would get the hint. Several small children live in houses across the street, and we have Bailey to protect.  

I put up the Slow Man two days ago, and woke up this morning to find that soneone had hit it with a car, and  it was on the ground ratherthan  standing up.   

This pic shows the tire marks:

This reinforces the fact that we need to slow down!

Bailey was not amused either:

I am tempted to fill Slow Man with cement before putting him back up, but I was told that’s not a good idea. 

The culprit had to drive three feet off the road to hit him.  

I’m not sure what changes to make to assure that Slow Man stays upright next time.    

4 thoughts on “The Saga of Slow Man

  1. I’d use the cement. When we lived in the country, we had high school boys driving down the road with basement bats knocking all the mailboxes off their posts. We called the Post Office and confirmed that we could put a regular sized mailbox into a larger one and surround it with cement. So we did. And our mail delivery lady left a note saying that SHE loved it. Never had that post box knocked off again!

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