Looking for a quick, easy, and satisfying read?

img_3298Do you have some time when you will be stuck at the airport or a doctor’s waiting room? I have an answer for you.

I just picked up Anna C. Bowling’s Never Too Late and read it Saturday night. It’s a sweet historical romance following Amelia Sinclair, a 19th century banker’s wife who lived the life she was expected to endure. All of her material needs were met in lavish style, a house full of servants and all that goes with it.  But within her heart burned a fire of forbidden love that she needed to keep locked away. Will she find true happiness? Pick up this ebook and find out! (Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple’s iBookstore.)

You can visit Anna C Bowling’s blog by clicking here.  Her cat, Skye fills in and writes her blog on Fridays.



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