Without #rain there are no #rainbows

Explained Captain Obvious.  

We have had soooo much rain lately, it’s making everyone grumpy.  But there was a rainbow when I came out of the grocery store last night.  Oh, yeah, rainbows, the sign in the sky. The promise. A reminder of all of God’s promises. 

I was reading the book of Nehemiah this morning.  The builders of the Temple had to constantly watch for enemies.  In fact, men took turns building, while others guarded them with weapons!  The enemies did not want the Temple of God to be built, and relentlessly tried to stop the building.  

Our lives are similar; we strive to work and pay the bills, stay healthy, while trying to “build” a life with purpose, and enjoy friends and family. 

So we need to endure the rain, and be sure to appreciate the rainbow when it shows up.  

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