The Storage Unit is empty!


After almost two years the storage unit is empty. We started our down-sizing journey by moving lesser needed items into the unit so we could stage the house.   

We sold our large house, and rented a townhouse while we searched for a one-level ranch.  We found the ranch, and after painting and cleaning, finally moved in.  

But the project was not truly finished until we cleaned out that unit.  We rented a moving truck on Saturday and moved most of our things.  We went back Sunday for the last few items, and swept the unit.  

I forgot to take the official empty picture, so here is the evidence of the last of our stuff crammed into the car.  

Yes, I had to hold the fan all the way home.  It was very exciting when Mr. Porter drove over 45mph, and the fan picked up speed and tried to exit the car through the window.  Quite an arm workout.  

Most of the boxes are in the basement.  Some are upstairs and I will be unpacking them this week. It will be nice to have my cookbooks back.  lol.  

8 thoughts on “The Storage Unit is empty!

    1. I know Courtney, it’s hard to part with our possessions sometimes. I don’t know why! I try not to think about how much money we would have if we put the money in the bank instead of a storage unit!

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