Cheating at blogging, and general disorganization 

I am not very good at being organized.  I fight against it. Growing up, between the schedule of school, and dinner always being at exactly 5:45 pm, I decided to live my adult life more, shall we say, randomly.  

Yes, it makes for messy life. The laundry may or may not be folded the same day it was washed.  The dishes may sit in the sink a few extra hours before jumping into the dishwasher.  You get the idea. 

So when it comes to writing, I find that I have been outputting at a slower rate than I would like. Could scheduling exact hours of writing time help? I am guessing Yes.  

Today for example, I was hoping to write my own commentary on Exodus Chapter 16. I have made notes over the past week, and hoped to pull it together and publish it on my blog. I (thought) I didn’t have time, so I cheated and re-blogged an old post, Guillotine Practice. Hubby had reminded me that today is Bastille Day, so I thought I would pull in some new readers with that title.  

But that’s already written. I need to stay focused on my project, which is to publish a revised edition of ArmWrestling with Pharaoh. That doesn’t happen when I am reposting old stuff! 

So today’s blog is more of a brain dump than a commentary.  

I need my brain to recognize scheduling as doing myself a favor, rather than as punishing and restricting myself!

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