Make it Happen, part 2

 A few months ago, I bought a small notebook and the cover read: “Make it happen.”   It’s almost full, I did get a lot done, so I  have now purchased a larger notebook with the same motto. 

I wrote seven items in the new, bigger book that I hope to accomplish by the end of August, or at least have a “good start.”

Although we’ve been in the new house almost a year(!) I am still not quite as organized as I had hoped. A friend said it takes 3-5 years to really settle in and have everything the way you would like it.  So I am going with that timeline; no more guilt and anxiety, one box at a time,one  shelf at a time.  And then there’s the outside…

I had a colonoscopy this morning, the big news is, they actually put me to sleep this time! Yes, last time I was awake for the procedure and it was not fun. 

I have been invited to join a local writing group which meets twice a month.  One of the women in the group is an old friend.  Small world.  This group will totally push me out of my comfort zone, but that’s where I need to be, right? Out of my little world. 

So I made this blog post happen today.  Have a good weekend, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Make it Happen, part 2

  1. Good for you. A writing club sounds great also. I am intimidated by the thought of being accountable to other writers in a club. At least for right now. I hope it is a wonderful and positive influence for you! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Courtney. The very first Writer’s group I joined was for memoirs, mostly older ladies, very kind and non judgmental. It was a good place to start. This group will be constructive criticism which can sometimes be difficult, but i guess I’m ready now.


  2. I don’t know if I could join that group. I think I would feel like I was writing for them rather than for myself. Best of luck. I like the journal of Make It Happen. I think that is a wonderful goal to plan.

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    1. Thanks Terri. I think I am ready for the group, but it did take years in that other group to help prepare me. It’s always scary to share your writing, that is for sure!


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