My day in the wilderness

Two days ago, I felt pretty good. I woke up at 5 am and kept going until the afternoon, when I had a quick nap. 

Yesterday I woke up to massive brain fog and the now familiar balance issues. Frustrating.  

I have many things I would like to write, but the brainfog stops me from concentrating for long periods of time.  

Throughout this ordeal, I have (finally) learned to have some patience with myself and not ecpect to do a week of work in one day. I can’t even do one day of work in one day. 

Yesterday I walked across the street from my house and fell down. Hmmm, no walk up the street after that! Back in the house I went. Back to bed.  But there is a tv in that room, so I watched several hours of Kat Kerr videos.  That got my soul happy! A whole ‘nother dimension.  

I will leave you with a video I found yesterday which also elevated my mood:

 Come on up by Steve Swanson
When the Lord leads you out to the wilderness, He doesn’t leave you there all alone. He shows you deeper truths about Himself.  

Comments, questions, concerns, queries, quips?

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