Dear Neighbors: I’m sorry I invaded your bedroom

You were snuggled in your bed with your significant other. Enjoying the coolness of this autumn night. Enjoying sweet sleep. 

But then at 2 am, my car anti-theft alarm began screaming. They should call it “useless anti-sleep alarm” as no one was trying to steal my car. Perhaps an acorn fell from the oak tree and hit the car. 

At 4 am, the alarm went off again, I could almost hear the symphony of obscenities from your houses. I can’t blame you.  

Rest assued, hubby took the car to the dealer today and the source of this noise will be dealt swift justice.   

Just a thought, maybe the car misses me, as I have not been able to drive for nine weeks. Or maybe it’s time to start driving again. I did have two good days in a row, and hopefully this trend will continue.   

So Neighbors, please forgive me, and for tonight: pleasant dreams!

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