Another day, another crisis 

Due to copyright restrictions, I cannot show you the contents of this folder. 

Before I get to that, today has so far not turned out as planned. Big surprise. 

I took Bailey for a walk, and when I came home, locked the car, and went into the house, the car alarm started up again.  Not wishing for another sleepless night, I called my mechanic immediately and pushed my way into having him look at the car today. I already put the neighbors through this 3 weeks ago. Read about that Here.   

Thankfully, the alarm did go off at the Mechanic’s shop, so I’m not making it up.  I got a ride home and jumped in the shower to await a phone call with my lawyer. Her assistant called to reschedule for Monday. The term Delicate Genius springs to mind….

So I can’t do banking or shopping but I can do ironing and writing. 

I put together this folder containing prayers that are important to me in this phase of my life. (I can highly recommend the books/people that the prayers came from.)

So here are some books containg prayers I used in my personal folder:

Buy this book! It’s an ebook on Amazon. $3.99


Destroying the Spirit of Rejection by John Eckhardt.  Also available in Amazon.  If you struggle with an Orphan Spirit, this is a must-read. The last few pages have declarations and prayers to set your mind for God’s Spirit of Adoption.

Other prayers are from the Take Back your Temple Program by Kimberly Taylor.  Kim has several books available on Amazon, she teaches courses on (yes, I’ve taken one) and you can check out her website Take back your temple.   There are free downloads there too! 

Other prayers are from Donna Partow.  Check out her website Here Donna Partow.   

So while I read, pray and declare good things, let’s hope my car stops whining so I don’t bother the neighbors again tonight! 

Comments, questions, concerns, queries, quips?

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