The fastest way to clean your house

img_5134Invite someone over.

Not a close friend; they don’t care what your house looks like.  Invite someone you’ve just met, a new neighbor maybe. Someone you’re still trying to make a good impression on. Someone you’re not quite ready to let see the real you. In time, they will, but you’re not ready yet. It’s a process of getting to know someone, of revealing yourself, and it helps to be done in steps. (Exceptions to this rule exist. We all have people we people we met and knew immediately: this person can handle me!)

So yes, today I will be cleaning my house for a neighbor that will be coming over for tea tomorrow. Yes, tea time in America. Shall I buy crumpets? (Why is Supertramp playing in my head now?)

Any-who, the other thing on my mind today is Pretty vs. Practical. I’m at the stage of my life where I would rather have a $30 pair of comfy slippers than a $3000 gold necklace. Seriously.  I want to be warm, and pain-free.  I still remember the day my son was born; I had several IVs in my arm, I was in obvious pain, and someone who meant well came in and gave me a gold bracelet. Seriously? I can’t bear the pain in my wrist at the moment, and the last thing I want is another object on my wrist. It was a nice gesture, but no. Maybe some Advil would be nice.

Growing up, I would ask my father what he would like for Christmas, or his birthday. He always answered, “Peace and quiet.” Not another tie, not the latest gadget. I used to think it was a cop out answer.

But now I get it.

4 thoughts on “The fastest way to clean your house

  1. Amazing how our priorities change as we get older… so many things my parents and grandparents said made no sense at the time, are the exact words in my head. LOVE LOVE LOVE Supertramp!! Now I have them in MY head!! LOL! Happy Monday SueAnn! ❤

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    1. Hey Courtney! I find myself turning into my grandfather more every day! Repeating stories of “the good old days” and how “it used to be”.
      My grandfather didn’t like air conditioning. I could never understand. But now I get it: you get to a certain point, you just don’t want to learn a new gadget. Although I own an ipod that my son loaded for me, I prefer cd’s. I can read the cover without my glasses on. Ipod script is just too small to deal with when I want music and can’t find my glasses! Happy Monday to you as well Courtney!

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