Bucket List Cheesecake


While many people dream of climbing Mount Everest, running a 10K, or visiting Europe, I always wanted to bake a cheesecake. (My cheesecake looked nothing like this picture.)

As my regular readers know, I am usually cooking up trouble in the kitchen–barely edible food. I never seem to give cooking the attention it deserves and I get distracted with something else (laundry, the dog, tv, checkbook, or just about anything else…)

Yesterday I decided I was finally going to bake a cheesecake. Check an item off the list.

I used the recipe inside the Philadelphia Cream cheese package as a guide, not a blueprint. I had read on the interwebs somewhere that you can substitute maple syrup for the sugar. So I did. I also halved the recipe, didn’t want a full cheesecake on my conscience, or my hips.

Of course, I do not own the standard special cheesecake spring pan (so that it would pop out easy) so I used parchment paper and an old square pan.

It turned out edible. Hubby was not fond of it. But I thought it was good.

My next bucket list item is to finish writing my work in progress, working title “Scraps of Paper.” This will be published in paperback, not just ebook!

Has anyone fulfilled some of your bucket list items?


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