I survived tea time

Some people have a natural gift of hospitality. I don’t. The thought of someone coming to my house for a meal terrifies me. Are my plates out of style? Did the dishwasher leave spots on the spoons? There’s too many bills and papers you have not filed yet; why not?! The screaming in my head gets loud.

‘Sometimes we need to go outside our comfort zone’ the old cliche’ reminds me. ‘Just do it,’ Nike chimes in.

So I put away as much crap as I could. I threw the rest into boxes, and used the table runner and napkins my mother-in-law gave me, put a bunch of tea bags in a plate, and boiled sone water. That’s an old crappy tea kettle, what if someone sees the rust?

Ugh. I did the best I could. Then my friend came over. She complimented me on my house. šŸ˜³ shocking.

We had a pleasant conversation, some tea and crumb cake, and more conversation. Then she thanked me for the visit and left.

I survived tea time on a Tuesday afternoon.<<<<

4 thoughts on “I survived tea time

  1. The ones who matter don’t care and the ones who care don’t matter… I’m sure your new friend wasn’t near as concerned as you were. And if she is judging you on thw condition of your house or how you hosted tea, ahe isn’t a friend. šŸ˜‰

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