We are STARS!

Who needs Hollywood? We are all stars!

In the shower today I was thinking of two different songs that talk about us as stars. The first one is by John Lennon:

What he calls Karma, I call “the law of sowing and reaping”.

“We all shine on, like the sun and the moon and the stars.”

The second is by Matt Redman:

“We will shine like stars in the universe…”

I went about my day. I was posting some items to eBay, and when I put my phone down, and picked it back up, this was on it:

This is from the book of Enoch.

Then I remembered some conversations God had with Abraham and compared his descendants to stars.

From my understanding of the passage of Enoch, the stars are named for us.

What do you think? Is there more to the solar system then just a bunch of stars and planets? Or could we be connected to them in ways that we don’t yet understand?

Comments, questions, concerns, queries, quips?

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