I am enough–and you are enough too!

IMG_2201I am participating in the Writing Contest: You Are Enough, hosted by Positive Writer.

Direct link here: http://positivewriter.com/writing-contest-you-are-enough/

Here goes:

Please don’t tell them I’m here; I’ve been hiding from them—The Editor and The Critic. When they’re not looking, I sneak away to my offline computer, the one that doesn’t connect to the internet. It has the capability to dial-up to AOL, (remember that, how old is that?) but not Wi-Fi.

They can’t find me here. I write to my heart’s content, knowing that no clichés, no corrections in spelling, sentence structure, or punctuation will stop me. No criticism to prevent me from typing. Facebook and Twitter cannot interrupt me; no text message from friends and family to interfere with my thought process.

Is my writing perfect? Ha. That’s not the point. I am free to express myself using whatever words pop into my mind even if they happen to be adverbs ending in “ly”. Who decided a part of speech is not good enough? If you read books by writers like Stephen King, you will find that occasionally (see what I did there?) they use an adverb like that. Follow the rule, but then decide to break it to make things interesting.

Slaughterhouse Five was a best seller. It also broke the commandment, “Thou shalt not start a sentence with the word “and”. And so it goes.

Brain dumps on this computer are a necessary part of getting myself going—I can use any punctuation or none at all…

Notebooks provide another place to write and scribble without any Editors or Critics peering over my shoulders and stealing a glance at my page. Make a mistake? Cross it out. Scribble it out. Change colors of pens. Use highlighters, pencils, crayons. It’s nobody’s business.

Writing is a freedom of expression. It brings private thoughts from the back of the mind onto the page or screen, bypassing the verbal center which has its own Editor.

So I make time to hide away at my old computer, or bring a notebook to a private corner of the room and let the words flow—where The Editor and The Critic cannot touch me.  And I write. Because I am enough—and you are enough too!

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