What’s God saying about My dung hill?

You know when one word keeps popping in front of your face?

I opened my bible today and this card of scriptures fell out. I don’t know where it came from. These are God’s promises to get us out of bad situations. The words “dung hill” jumped out at me because it’s not a common expression .

Then I googled Rahab because we were discussing her in Bible study last week.

Here is what popped up:

So okay, what’s going on here?

Well, we know that dung hill refers to a lowest and most wretched condition.

But, dung is also used for fertilizer and fuel for a fire for cooking ( in primitive situations).

It reminded me of this:

So, you get the idea. Things are dark right now and it’s hard to find the surface.

But I am believing something good will come out of this.

Comments, questions, concerns, queries, quips?

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