The passion of the Christ #movie #passion

We all have movies we like to watch again and again. The best movies are the ones where each time you watch the movie, you notice something new and different that adds to the overall idea. I think of The Terminator–in the beginning a truck runs over and smashes a toy truck. Foreshadowing of things to come.

The other night Mr. Porter and I re-watched The Passion of the Christ. It is Holy Week/Passover/Easter so why not! A few things jumped out at my this time around. These are my opinions. Your results may vary. 🙂

When Jesus is carrying the cross, he falls. In the movie He falls several times, although I believe the Bible tells us two specific times He fell. Although we know Jesus did not sin, He fell. The pressure was too great and His flesh could not endure it. Maybe we should not be so hard on ourselves when we fall.

Simon was told to help Jesus carry His cross. He was afraid and tried to get out of doing it. “I am innocent.” He didn’t want the soldiers to be confused and crucify him at the top of the hill instead of Jesus. It was obvious the Roman soldiers were brutal people. Simon didn’t want to get his “hands dirty.” He reluctantly agreed to carry the cross. While on the journey up the hill, he had compassion on Jesus and helped him physically. He also encouraged him, “We’re almost there.” Jesus falls again and the soldiers start to beat Him and kick him while He is down. Simon tells them, “STOP. I don’t care what you do to me, but STOP it.” Helping Jesus carry His cross changed Simon.

[ In the scriptures Jesus tells us to pick up our cross daily and follow Him. Carrying the cross changes us.]

While Jesus was on the cross, people mocked Him. “If you’re the Son of God, come down from the cross.”  [The test in the wilderness would have prepared Him for this temptation.]

But them one of the men who hung next to Him spoke. “I deserve this punishment, but this man is innocent. Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

In the midst of the worst situation ever, beaten, bleeding, dying, a man tells Jesus He believes Him, and Jesus rejoices for this one soul saved.


Jesus cries out, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” This is from a psalm of David, a prophecy of sorts.  We know that God the Father turned away, and put all our sin on Jesus at this point. Jesus did not feel the Presence of His Father at this time.

Later Jesus says, “It is finished!” Did God the Father turn back to Him at this point and say, “You did it, you’re done.”? How else would Jesus know it was finished? Did He again feel the Presence of His Father?


Tonight we plan on watching The Ten Commandments.

Happy Passover and Happy Resurrection Day to all!



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