It’s not covid, so what is it?

I’ve had a sore throat for over a week now. I finally broke down and went to the “doctor”.

I explained my symptoms: phlegm in the back of my throat, my ears hurt, and I’m exhausted. Did I have muscle aches? No. So “doctor” said it can’t be the flu, because I don’t have muscle aches.

Although now that I think about it, I do have bone aches.

“Doctor” then looked in my ears and said they were fine. He then attempted to look down my throat, but was unable to get a good look. Not really sure why, but he said *I* was closing up my throat so he couldn’t see.

He then decided I needed a covid test. Because there are not 100 other diagnoses it could be, I suppose. I have a history of ear infections, dating back to childhood. He explained that since I was now an adult, I would have grown out of that. (I had an ear infection last year, and the year before that.) No matter, it couldn’t be that, said “doctor”.

He took a covid test of course, and I was told two days later it was negative. I do not have covid.

No kidding.

So I basically wasted my time, energy, and Mr. Porter’s time and gas to go to the “doctor”. My insurance of course will pay for it, but still, what a waste of time and money.

I am now going back to old-time remedies. Herbs, teas, spices, things that our grandparents used when they got sick.

It’s a sad world where your health is determined on “covid or not covid” as a diagnosis.

Should we just throw out all the medical books of the past one hundred years, because it only matters now whether we have covid?

Or remember this from My BIg Fat Greek Wedding?

At least he had an answer!

Photo of “doctor”.

We miss our Bailey. He has gone to doggie heaven.

I’m hoping something good comes out of all this bad!!!

Have a great day everyone.

2 thoughts on “It’s not covid, so what is it?

  1. I had something similar last week. Started with itchy ears and a sore upper throat. Next day it was a sore throat, next day it was a dry cough, and then sneezing, my nose started running and I continued to sneeze. I think it is pollen. I read that the pollen season would be very long this year so I am getting some antihistamines.


    1. Thanks for commenting, 67 ! I don’t usually have problems with pollen, but at this point I will try anything! I am doing tea / gargle / chicken soup / rest etc. Also did an Epsom salt bath today. I just feel generally lousy. Hopefully it passes soon. I hope you are feeling better!


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