The next room to be de-pinked. #Redecorating #Home

The guest room. It’s very pink. It’s got dark pink for the window trim, and the famous 90’s paint style “sponging”. It’s hideous. It’s gotta go. Meanwhile… Bailey doesn’t care about colors. Just food, walks and blankets. So the guest room will be green. The green I originally picked out for the dining room, and … More The next room to be de-pinked. #Redecorating #Home

Ta-da! The unveiling.

Well it’s 99% finished.  One cabinet door cracked and is being set with wood glue and a clamp, but the rest is done.  The center work island: Upper cabinets, swoopy thing and kitchen window: We are planning on painting the wall above–the little strip over the cabinets– a soft gray to give it some wow … More Ta-da! The unveiling.