Yes, Weight Watchers, It’s Me Again


Another day, another diet.

I’ve lost probably hundreds of pounds in my life. And gained it all back. I know, Boo Hoo. I know I’m not the only one. My two biggest issues are 1) eating after supper ! That is not, not, not something I should do and 2) I get soooo depressed at times, that I would rather eat a chocolate cake than do bodily harm to myself. Ok, so I use food like a drug, like a fix, like a heroin addict. And I’m not judging heroin addicts. I feel their pain.

Years ago when I smoked cigarettes, it was the same thing. Painful emotions, with no clue how to process them, lead to a cigarette. So I just replaced that behavior with food.

Yes, I work out at the gym. Yes, I know an apple is better than a candy bar.

It is the emotional pain that I don’t know how to process that drives me back to the junk food, like an alcoholic. (again, I’m not judging here!)

I remember reading the late comic Louie Anderson‘s book in which he wrote letters to his late father. His father was an alcoholic, and Louie obviously had food problems. He said “Dad, I am as hungry as you were thirsty.”

So here comes MORE guilt. I’m a Christian. Jesus said “whoever comes to me shall never be hungry and never thirst.” Obviously, this was spiritual-speak. I am supposed to take the crappy feelings to Jesus and leave them there.

My problem is I have not successfully learned how to do that.


4 thoughts on “Yes, Weight Watchers, It’s Me Again

  1. Hi! I do WW, too, so came across your blog through some solid wordpress creeping.

    SO much of this weight loss stuff is in our heads. SO much. Like. All of it. And that’s why it (and kickin’ any habit) is so flipping hard.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to poking around your site some more, but just wanted to say “hi,” since what you wrote definitely resonates for me, too!


  2. Im 29 years old, 6ft 240 Lbs. Over the past 5 years I have let myself get out of shape in a bad way. Im looking for a fitness program that i can do with the free equipment at my apartment complex, eg excercise bikes, treadmill, and a few weight machines. I have cut sugar out of my diet as much as i can, stopped drinking soda. I don’t eat much to begin with so overeating is not a problem. Any advice is appreciated..


  3. I find that Cardio is very important — at least 45 mins of walking(or bike etc) 5 times a week to jumpstart the metabolism. (work up to it slowly if you’re not used to working out…15 min a day to start.) Watch out for corn syrup in foods; although it’s advertised that it is processed by your body like sugar–it’s not. It messes up your metabolism. And you’ll be surprised to see how many foods they sneak it into.


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