Save the whales. Collect the whole set.

I drank too much coffee yesterday, then I laid down for a nap, and wondered why I could not fall asleep. Yes, I’m blonde.

Meet Zelda, my cousin’s cat. I don’t really have a nickname for her, now that I think about it. But she is very talented. She climbs onto the counter, up the fridge, then reaches over to the cabinet, opens the door, and kicks out a bag of chips. The chips fall to the floor, opening as they hit the tile, and spill all over the kitchen.  Zelda then makes her way back, from the ledge of the fridge, down to the counter, and onto the kitchen floor for the prize. I don’t like chips much myself, I’m more of a chocolate fan. But some folks go more for the salty snacks. Zelda is one of them.

Meanwhile, one of Zelda’s roommates, Lola, is more of a neat freak. She has been known to take dryer sheets, put them on the couch, and smooth them out, getting rid of all wrinkles in the process. Once, a dollar bill went through the wash, and she applied the same principles to the dollar. It was found neatly pressed on the couch. Just as it should be.

Hmm, I can’t seem to find the picture of Lola at the moment. I guess Zelda wants all the attention to herself today. So be it.

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