A Day at the Fish Hatchery


Another trip to Upstate New York. Ahhh. The mountains. The Lakes. The Fish!

We visited a NY State DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) Fish Hatchery.

For 25 cents, you can buy a cupful of fish food, and have some fun watching the fish fight each other jumping to the top of the water to get it.

The quickest fish gets the food!

See the fish in the middle, front? He just got the food.

Here is the result after a morsel is dropped in...see the rings of water... see the fish going towards the the top.

Ok, a few more pics.

Another scramble!

Here are the “babies.” They are too young to eat the fish food. After we threw a few pieces in, and they ignored them, we noticed the sign saying NOT to feed them. Sorry. Maybe the sign should be bigger.

"baby" fish
 I first became interested in Fish Hatchery while researching for my (not yet published) Children’s book, Billy the Brook Trout.
Billy the Brook Trout

He was probably happy in his day. At least he is in MY stories.

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